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Product Description

Beards, the chin-strap, the goatee, the neck beard and the van dyke they all have their fans.Growing a beard is an affirmation of manliness, masculinity but also a couple of weeks old beard can sort of save your cheek skin from harmful sun rays (best protective sun-proof covering).REFUSAL BEARD WASH is a one stop solution to all the type of beards. The all natural REFUSAL HAIR WASH has all the active ingredient which just not only nourishes your beard hair strands but also prevents flakes (dandruff) of beard. The REFUSAL BEARD WASH is a great grooming tool, its hydrating ingredients help keep coarse hair neat and smooth leaving with a soft, touchable and tangle free beard. REFUSAL BEARD WASH carriers ingredients like aloe vera extract, cypress oil, ylang-ylang oil, bergamot oil and tree oil. All these ingredients are non toxic, hypoallergenic and enhances the beard’s natural shine. Modus operandi of REFUSAL BEARD WASH is to directly hydrate your hair follies, just what conditioner does to your hair. The hydration keep your skin beneath your beard itch free and scar free.

What are the banefits?
  • REFUSAL BEARD WASH has all natural ingredients which safeguard natural oils which is produced by human body naturally. It helps prevents beard from drying out, getting fizzy and fight flakes. REFUSAL BEARD WASH won’t let your beard look scraggly and unappealing.
  • REFUSAL BEARD WASH keeps your beard hydrated and won’t let your skin let dry out. The REFUSAL BEARD WASH works in layers and has a twin effect both on your beard hair as well as on the skin beneath it, leaving your beard look lustrous, smooth and gleaming.
  • REFUSAL BEARD WASH helps fights inflammation, redness and takes care of the blemishes around the edge of your beard.
  • Practicing  the use of REFUSAL BEARD WASH along with REFUSAL BEARD OIL will leave you with alluring, captivating and likeable beard.
  • Add REFUSAL BEARD WASH into your daily bathroom regime and be an owner of a healthy and flake free beard.
How to Use?
  • Rinse your beard with water
  • Apply a small amount to your beard and mustache.
  • Work it into a gentle leather
  • Rinse off with water
  • Comb the beard.

You are ready to go...

  • Aloe Extract- It is considered in India as a medicinal or herbal specie of a succulent plant in the genus. It is believed to be originated in the Sudan. It is alkaline, naturally hydrate skin, an anti oxidant and  has vitamins to protect hair follies. It forms a protective layer over your beard hair follies that keeps it safe from environmental elements. It also Contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead follies and helps it nourish them.
  • Cypress Oil- It is an essential oil extracted from cupressus family and also known as Italian or Mediterranean cypress. Helps fight flakes, frizziness, hair loss, dirt, itching and flakes(dandruff of beard)           
  • Ylang-ylang Oil- Also known as canangaodorata, extracted from Orange tree, it is a tropical tree native to Indonesia, Malaysia and phillippines . yalangyalang oil release’s  normalize sebum for skin problem. It contains linalool, germacrene, geranylacetate, caryophyllene, p-cresyl methyl ether,methyl benzoate and sesquiterpenes. It nourishes, fights flakes, prevents itching and naturally serves to the hair follies.
  • Bergamot Oil- It is an essential oil prepared by cells inside the rind of a bergamot orange fruit. It resuscitate the hair bulb and stimulate hair growth. It is a natural stimulant, directs blood flow to enhance blood circulation in hair follies. Eventually leaving beard hair look natural and gleaming.
  • Tea Tree Oil- It is extracted from melaleuca alternifolia in australia. It contains terpinen-4 ol, y-terpinen, alpha-terpinen. It is mainly use to treat and prevent bacterial and fungal infection.
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